Kuopio European Region of Gastronomy 2020 Partners 

We offer our ERG 2020-21 Project Partners tools, education and networking possibilities in the areas of business know-how and sustainable development. The practicalities of the partnership program as well as the ERG2020-21 Jubilee year organisation, events and further action points are a cooperation between projects run by Savonia University of Applied SciencesRural Women's Advisory Organisation Eastern Finland and ProAgria Eastern Finland

Value Proposition to ERG 2020-21 Partners
We support companies in their pursuit of new business opportunities, new products, new services and new clients. We offer the possibility to benefit of the European Region of Gastronomy title, its international network and cooperation between other companies and organisations. The Partners will gain knowhow and hands-on support in branding their products, in product development, marketing, sales and export as part of sustainable North Savonian gastronomic travel brand. 

European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio 2020-21 partners are indicated in the map here below.