On the Cocktail Course, participants make local products together by mixing drinks, learn the techniques and get tips for home bars. The particular topics to be covered are discussed beforehand.

The man behind the Mexican-style Panza Restaurant and the creatively insane indie brewery RPS Brewing, Erno Vainanen is a bartender who specialises in making use of locally produced drinks and, as the basis for cocktails, leftover ingredients from the production of drinks

  • Duration: 20–60 min depending on the course contents
  • Location: Panza Restaurant, RPS Brewing's premises or elsewhere by appointment
  • Group size: 1–20 people
  • Availability: By appointment only
  • Guide languages: Finnish, English
  • Price: From €25/person, minimum charge €200 (VAT 0%) – on a case-by-case basis
  • Bookings: Erno Vainanen, erno.vainanen@gmail.com, erno@rpsbrewing.fi, +358445331921