Educational institutions

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions in the Kuopio region play an important role in developing the region's gastronomic activities. High-quality education is available in the Kuopio region, from upper secondary vocational education in the field of tourism and hospitality and higher education at the University of Applied Sciences to the nutrition study programme at the University of Eastern Finland. Close cooperation and exchange of knowledge between academic experts, teachers and actors in both the public and third sectors plays a key role in the development of gastronomy in the region.

Savo Consortium for Education, Savo Vocational College

Upper secondary education in the hospitality and tourism fields

The Savo Consortium for Education is a multidisciplinary provider of variously structured education and training for young people and adults and a developer of working life in the region. The Consortium provides vocational upper secondary and further education and training, apprenticeship training, labour policy education and staff training in all fields, as well as general upper secondary education, and carries out development projects for employers. The Consortium is a joint municipal authority that is owned by 16 local municipalities and runs Savo Vocational College, Savo Apprenticeship Training Centre and Varkaus Upper Secondary School. It operates in Kuopio, Iisalmi, Varkaus and Siilinjärvi. Annually, students number about 17,000, staff about 830 and the operating profit is about 79 million euros.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

The Savonia University of Applied Sciences is one of Finland's biggest and most diverse UASs. Our expert organisation trains highly skilled professionals in six separate fields of study. Our various training programmes provide the option of studying for a degree full-time or while working as well as flexibly in the Open University of Applied Sciences. Our training units are in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. Savonia employs a total of about 500 people, and there are almost 6,000 students.

Savonia actively serves the needs of local employers. Our R&D activities provide an expert service and customised solutions for the development needs of companies and organisations. Our activities are focused on four key areas: Primary Production and Foodstuffs; Energy, Environment and Safety; Integrated Product Development; User-Driven Welfare Services. At Savonia, you can study for a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management in the tourism and hospitality field. For those who have completed their UAS Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, Savonia offers the opportunity to study for a Master's degree.

University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland is one of Finland's largest universities. Students number about 15,000, and it employs nearly 2,800 people. There are campuses in Joensuu and Kuopio.

The multidisciplinary University provides education in more than 100 majors. There are four faculties: the Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Sciences & Forestry, Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences & Business Studies. Graduates from the nutrition study programme, conducted by the School of Medicine of the Faculty of Health Sciences, can work in a range of occupations. In addition to nutrition and food science, the studies include medicine, natural science and behavioural science.

Upper-Savo Vocational College

Upper-Savo Vocational College is 50 years old but has not slowed down with age. The College actively pursues its main task of training skilled professionals to meet the needs of employers. About 290 professionals in different fields work at the College as teachers or in development and various service production functions.

Upper-Savo Vocational College collaborates actively with various companies and organisations, and one of its aims is to promote the prosperity of the region. The College's key focus areas correspond to the needs of employers in Upper-Savo. Indeed, the College is an active player in implementing Upper-Savo's business strategy.

Kuopio College of Services (PAOK)

Kuopio Pedagogical Cooking School, which was founded in 1892, put into practice the idea of a pedagogical home economics school adopted from Sweden and England. The School was set up by private individuals inspired by new ideas.

Today, you can study flexibly at the College of Services in Kuopio for vocational qualifications in the field of Tourism, Catering & Domestic Services – by attending the College, studying remotely or through a combination of contact and remote teaching. A qualification can also be done on-the-job or as apprenticeship training. Every year, cooks, housekeepers and site facilities operatives graduate from our College.