Local food from producers to customers!

In REKO the customers buy the products directly from the food producers with no go-betweens. Find your local REKO on Facebook, order and pick the products up. REKO groups are run by volunteers and food producers pay no provisions of the sold products. ​

What are REKO local food groups?

The consumers buy products directly from the producers. The order is made and delivery dates set using a local REKO FB group.

How can I buy local food in a REKO group?

Join a local REKO FB group. Find the local producer and products. Check the delivery dates and the preferred method of payment before making the order. Make the order by commenting the sales posting and write down, when to pick the products up and where. All reclamations will be done by private messages and the group administrator will be notified.

How can I sell my products in a REKO group?

The group administrator checks all the producers. The producers must be self or locally grown and ethically produced. However all products don't need to be organic.

The producer posts the sales add, takes the orders, notifies the customers of the preferred method of payment and delivers the products as promised. The producer is responsible for the content and availability of the product description including information on the origin either by providing a list of product ingredients, linking the website or posting the document with product information and ingredients to the FB group.

More information for producers

REKO - Local food from producers to customers