European region of gastronomy

Kuopio has been nominated the European Region of Gastronomy 2020

The European region of Gastronomy award by IGCAT

IGCAT provides the European region of gastronomy Award, with the support of International and European institutions. The regions also join a Platform of awarded and candidate European Regions of Gastronomy in order to foster long-term benefits, increase international visibility and support sharing of knowledge.

The ERG award can be compared with European capital of Culture nomination with the difference that European Region of Gastronomy includes developing gastronomy related events, agriculture, education and entrepreneurship. The award bring international visibility, accknowledgement and above all new business opportunities, tourists and events.

The jubileum's programme will start in May 2020 and last until end of September 2021. We celebrate two harvesting seasons. The programme will be published on this website in January 2020.

European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio 2020

Applying for the European Region of Gastronomy Award

The European Region of Gastronomy Award must be applyed by the region. The stakeholder group consisting of public, private, third sector and academic institutions that represent gastronomy, tourism, culture and arts needs to be formed. Project ideas need to be compiled in a bid book that analyses the challenges that the region wishes to address by holding the title and provides descriptions of projects that you will deliver in order to address those challenges.

Kuopio applyed for the ERG award in June 2017 and the award was granted in October 2017 in Bruessels. According to the jury Kuopio shows dedication to developing the regional food production and gastronomy based business as well as having a tight connection to the local heritage and nature.
For more information on IGCAT and the European Regions of Gastronomy, please visit the IGCAT website.

Research on European Regions of Gastronomy

The award gives a wide range of opportunities to do research on fields of gastronomy and tourism for students.

In case you are studying tourism, gastronomy, business or culture or event production and interested in doing research on European Region of Gastronomy related subjects, please contact the ERG project team.